Cascading Recombinance

A single thought can grow and evolve into an uncontainable juggernaut, demanding new perspectives and fundamentally altering the scale in which we view our place in this universe. This series explores notions of realization and transcendence along with the iterative, cyclical nature of growth and evolution. This series was #1 of 4 featured in the ‘/FRAMEWORK’ gallery show at The Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco from 07/10/2013 - 07/26/2013 THEORY & CONTEXT We are lost in the infinite color of an imperceptible spectrum. A great substrate on which the circuitry of life is artfully laid. Borne over a thousand lifetimes. Defined by friction. Tethered to an ideology { system = nature (∆) }. You, a budding branch on a tree rooted in a foundation of uncertainty. Borne of the pursuits of the everyman, discovering that comfort sought is that of an unattainable universal order as explicitly communicated from {x} to {x} by way of {∞}. So I, endowed with the wisdom and grace of the perceived instant { a soft, articulate voice resonating the fundamental principles of existence } fumble through time and space, echoing the inherent circularity of all things. Thus continues the process of the recombinant machine, cascading through all that is, defining the universe that binds us all together.

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