Unintended Consequences Pop-Up Art Show

Brand/Company: iNDELIBLE Employer: iNDELIBLE Role: Managing Creative Director Skills: Print Design, Art Installation Production iNDELIBLE created a ‘pop-up spectacle’ of an art show called Unintended Consequences as a way to promote the company/brand and draw our current and future clients closer together. I was charged with creating the collateral for the fictitious character, Odysseus Goode; an over-the-top, pseudo-spiritual, pop culture phenomenon elevated to cult status by his outlandish words and actions. I designed an 18’ x 10’ vinyl print piece depicting the larger-than-life character arising from a nuclear mushroom cloud over a cityscape adorned with millions of hysterical would-be followers and choirs of angels. Accompanying this print piece was an LCD display that promoted all the latest tweets by the megalomaniac from a real twitter account populated by iNDELIBLE creatives to heighten the immersive reality of the character. Additionally, I spent 2 days working with a hybrid of iNDELIBLE employees and production crew to build and install the components of the show at the gallery.

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